Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Future of ArtomaticVoyage Blog

Dear ArtomaticVoyage Readers,

I'm pleased that I continue to get so many hits to this site despite not having posted since September. Just as they say "All good things must come to an end" the same is true with ArtomaticVoyage. I originally started this site as the companion to my film, Journey to the Center of Artomatic, a documentary about Artomatic, a community arts event that has quickly gone global.

The blog has since evolved into a discussion about random events in the D.C. arts community. Frankly, too random for my liking.

As such, I've transitioned to my new blog, Jay Krasnow Photography, which asserts that "Anyone can take great photos with an iPhone. Learn how." I aim to live up to this promise with my new blog, which I've been posting to since October. I started it after reminiscing on my almost 30 years as a photographer. I've never been a professional. But I started learning how to take photos and develop them when I was 12 years old. I studied film and photography, among other things at American University. But now, with the rise of the smart phone everyone is a photographer.  

It my hope that you will learn something from Jay Krasnow Photography about being a better photographer in this bold new world where anyone can take a picture, anywhere at any time at little cost, if they have phone equipped with a camera.

You can learn about it all at this website:

Happy photo shooting!

Jay D. Krasnow

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Antonio Banderas Tortilla, Anyone?

It's official, Chilean literary maestro Isabel Allende has a hot erotic fantasy: As reported in her recent TED Talk on How To Live Passionately smearing guacamole over heartthrob Antonio Banderas, stuffing him in a tortilla, then eating him up. Wow, that's hot! Talk about passion. I have the same fantasy, except that I substitute Gumby, who I smear with Pepto Bismol, for Antonio Banderas, and roll up in a Goodyear tire. It all makes me feel so humanistic!

What's your erotic fantasy?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Incredible Rock Formation Looks Like Actor Robbin Williams!

Stone Formation Looks Like Actor Robbin Williams
I saw the attached stone formation on my hike at Old Forge-Caledonia State Park in Pennsylvania today.  Amazingly it has a great likeness to actor Robbin Williams ... rest his soul!

Do you think they should make a monument to him on the National Mall?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Can You Invite Yourself To Your Own Party?

Can you invite yourself to your own party?
Everyone knows those "Age Old" questions: "Does Older Mean Wiser?" "Who Am I?" "Do You Wish You Were 50 Years Younger?"

Add to that, the following Age Old Question: "Can you invite yourself to your own party?"

After all, it was Oscar Wilde who said: “Nothing annoys people so much as not receiving invitations.”

Incidentally, for those of you who no espeak espanish, my Spanish name is "hota" or "jota." Invitations are compliments of my friends Sarah-Katharine and (with respect to the invitation in question) Janette.

A few words in another stream of thought. According to the Centers for Disease Control there are 1,378 cases of Ebola in Liberia, and everyone is going crazy about it. Last time I checked Ebola is mainly transmitted through fluids.  For example, sex and dental appointments. Does that mean that everyone getting of the boat in Liberia is getting a "crown" in their mouth along with their welcome packet? That settles it. I'm not inviting any dentists to my party.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Prince Restaurant and Café Out of Africa … In a Hole the Wall


            By the sights of it, Prince Restaurant and Café on 4629 41st Street, in the perimeters of Washington, D.C.’s, Tenleytown neighborhood, looks every inch an abandoned building in a shady neighborhood. 
            When I arrived on the scene on Tuesday 26 August, a garden hose was strewn in front of the darkly lit restaurant and a small table with no chairs seemed randomly placed in front of the establishment’s window.   
            The torn awning of in the front of the building read “Georgetown’s Falafel & Koshary,” apparently another Middle Eastern restaurant that shut its doors before Prince moved in. The on-site manager, who wore a green t-shirt and sweatpants, and told me he was from Mauritania, explained to me that that Prince never bothered to take it down.
            I wasn’t sure what to make of Prince.  My Mauritanian greeter --who doubled as server and chef-- was the only person in the restaurant when I walked in, was banging away on his laptop as I entered. My arrival, with little fanfare, spurred Mr. Mauritania to rise and give me a menu. At the tail end of my dinner, a seemingly Middle Eastern couple took seats at the other end of the small room. 
            Inside Prince several quasi-traditional Africanesque paintings hang on an adobe-colored wall, near a television set, in case I was wondering what happened in the world since I last checked my iPhone.  It all gave me the feeling of being in a small, random African nation.
            Though my greeter/server/chef swore to me that the his restaurant gets very busy late at night, to enjoy hookahs, there was no signer of these revelers when I dined there.
            My main dinner companion was image of President Obama on ABC World News warning that “justice will be done” in response to the gruesome murder of American journalist James Foley at the hands of ISIS militants in Iraq.
            With some reservations I ordered beef kabob at $11.95, char-grilled tomatoes at $2.95 and chai tea  at 2.95.  After taking my order, Mr. Mauritania rushed off to cook my food. (He appeared again later to deliver my food, but was not to be seen again until I went to the kitchen to request my check.)
            I tried the tomatoes first. They were indeed char-broiled, but otherwise bland. The best part of this dish were the bitter herbs, which according to, “help to stimulate digestive juices and support food digestion.”
            Good thing, I was about to move onto my main course. 
            The beef kabob was overcooked, chewy and dry but was otherwise delicious.  I suppose you could say it was “just fine” way Coral, Nemo’s hapless mother (she was eaten by a shark) in Pixar’s Finding Nemo referred to the new digs that Nemo’s dad found shortly before she met her demise.           
            The rice that accompanied the kabob had a spicy tinge and left me with a tad of a taste of the Atacama desert’s aridness. It was a bit lemony. I think put the lemon in myself. 
            The salad tasted like salad, and the chai tasted like chai -–spicy and a heavy like a metal balloon—probably because I brewed it too much.
            I washed it all down with two Pepsis – after I vacated Prince.
            I left the restaurant knowing that Prince apparently has one more restaurant in Georgetown, and other in Baltimore, but was not sure why.